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Annual Change in Total Jobs

Annual Change in Total Jobs

What does this measure?

The growth or decline in total jobs, shown as a percentage gain or loss from the previous year.

Why is this important?

Job growth is a key indicator of economic health and vitality and reveals whether and by how much an economy is expanding. In addition to the number of jobs, the quality of jobs should be considered. This is reflected in measures of average salary.

How is our county doing?

Essex County had job growth of 1.1% from 2016 to 2017, below the state and nation (both at 1.4%). Since 2001, the county has gained 18% to 464,500 jobs, a growth rate slightly higher than the state (17%) but equal to the nation (18%).

How do we compare to similar counties?

Essex County's latest annual rate of growth was below Middlesex, MA (1.5%) but similar to Lake County, IL and Westchester, NY (both at 1.2%). Since 2001, Essex County's job growth was higher than Lake (9%), and similar to Middlesex and Westchester (each 17%).

Notes about the data

Data is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. County employment is reported by place of work, not place of residence. 2018 data for this indicator are expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Annual Change in Total Jobs
Essex County, MAN/A-1.1%-0.7%1.1%0.9%0.9%1.7%0.4%-1.7%0.5%1.8%2.1%2.4%1.7%4.5%1.0%1.1%
Middlesex County, MAN/A-2.9%-1.6%0.5%1.7%1.5%2.8%1.0%-2.2%0.3%1.1%1.7%2.2%2.4%4.6%1.5%1.5%
Lake County, ILN/A0.3%0.3%1.1%1.7%1.6%2.0%0.4%-2.4%-1.9%0.0%2.1%0.9%0.8%1.0%-0.6%1.2%
Westchester County, NYN/A0.5%0.4%2.1%1.0%1.1%3.1%0.9%-2.4%-0.3%2.6%0.5%0.8%1.7%1.8%0.9%1.2%

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
Notes: Rate is percentage change from previous year

Total Jobs
Essex County, MA393,504389,319386,740391,074394,554398,143405,025406,600399,773401,899409,309418,044427,965435,212454,892459,563464,495
Middlesex County, MA1,062,2661,031,5031,014,9821,019,5591,036,4661,051,9141,081,3191,091,6131,067,8681,070,6571,082,3061,101,0351,125,1581,152,0121,205,3221,223,3831,241,453
Lake County, IL428,663430,000431,237435,886443,365450,476459,342461,046450,175441,442441,638450,725454,875458,566462,979460,334465,734
Westchester County, NY537,285540,010542,234553,429559,012565,054582,796588,329573,972572,419587,319590,166595,047605,425616,088621,364628,571

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis