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Travel Spending per Capita

Travel Spending per Capita

What does this measure?

The economic impact of the travel and tourism industry on a geographic area, measured by total expenditures related to travel/tourism expenses.

Why is this important?

Tourism brings external money into a region's economy, fueling the development of jobs, new industry and attractions. The sense that a region is a tourist destination also increases regional pride.

How is our county doing?

In 2016, $918 million was spent on travel and tourism in Essex County, good for $1,180 per county resident. This was a 1% increase from 2015 and an 11% increase for the county since 2006, both similar to the statewide increases over the same timeframes. Essex County comprised about 5% of the $18 billion spent statewide.

How do we compare to similar counties?

Essex County had a lower expenditure rate in 2016 than Middlesex County, MA. Middlesex received $2.6 billion in travel and tourism spending in 2016 or nearly $1,670 per resident. This amounted to 15% of the statewide spending - reflecting an 18% increase since 2006.

Notes about the data

Figures presented are in 2016 dollars. Total expenditures include spending by domestic and international travelers in the region on transportation, lodging, meals, entertainment, recreation and other tourism-related expenses. Comparable data was not available for Lake, IL and Westchester, NY.

Travel Spending per Capita
Essex County, MA$1,059$1,068$1,048$981$1,045$1,091$1,101$1,123$1,157$1,166$1,176
Middlesex County, MA$1,548$1,597$1,552$1,419$1,499$1,545$1,564$1,569$1,618$1,662$1,672

Source: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Notes: Figures are in constant 2016 dollars.

Total Travel Spending in Millions
Essex County, MA$773$780$769$725$777$820$833$859$892$906$918
Middlesex County, MA$2,254$2,337$2,292$2,121$2,253$2,355$2,411$2,445$2,545$2,635$2,666

Source: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Notes: Figures are in millions of constant 2016 dollars.